Project Scope

The initial focus for this project will be in understanding and designing a circuit able to transmit a wireless signal with a low input voltage. Using a blog article on a simple scavenger ring as a starting point, it will be the team’s responsibility to analysis, modify and improve on the basic functioning ring that was created. This will be achieved by extensive use of literature and other research to create a much more extensive and functioning circuit which has been designed with a more comprehensive level of examination. Once completed, a secondary circuit will need to be designed to harvest a particular source of energy to power the circuit. The options available for this project include peltier, piezo electric, electromagnetic and magnetic coil. For this part of the project the optimisation and testing of the allocated energy source, used to power the sensor will be the main component of the thesis. The overall result will hopefully be a small device that can emit a signal from small amounts of energy harvested from the particular source.

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