About the System Health Lab

The mission of the UWA System Health Lab (SHL) is “to imagine a richer university experience for digitally savvy students” by “bringing a start-up mentality and technologically curious students to industry-motivated research projects.”

We provide a dynamic environment for engineering, computing and mathematics students to work on multi-disciplinary projects aimed at improving the maintenance of physical assets.

The SHL team has won the following awards

  • CORE Innovation Hub Community Legend Award 2018
  • UWA IQ Champion Award Finalist 2018
  • Unearthed Hackathon Young Innovators Prizes 2015, 2016, & 2017
  • BHP MineHack Young Innovators Prize 2017

Our overarching aim is to assist young engineers and coders to gain competence and confidence that will enable them to transition smoothly into the workforce, research roles or start their own companies.

We have a strong commitment to open source hardware and software. Where possible we leverage open source analysis tools and intend to openly share data and models we create to encourage interaction. Our hardware platforms are flexible enough to incorporate the latest in low-cost interfaces, removing barriers to entry for researchers interested in data collection. Many of the projects involve rapid prototyping of sensing or test systems, data analysis and visualization.

The System Health Lab is a meeting place, leveraging the industry links of the Lab’s leadership team, supporting current students meeting practicing engineers and engaging in industry workshops and conferences.

Funding for the System Health Lab comes from the BHP Fellowship for Engineering for Remote Operations at the University of Western Australia via BHP’s Social Investment group.  This support is an example of the important role BHP plays in supporting education. As valued community partners, they seek meaningful long-term relationships that respect local cultures and create lasting benefits. The BHP Zero to Career Education strategy focuses on pathways through quality education into meaningful employment.




Our alumni are a vital part of the SHL community. Here is some brief information about them and how they...

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For more information please contact us via our System Health Laboratory email : [email protected] Our physical address is: Room 1.53...

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Lead Academics Professor Melinda Hodkiewicz was appointed the BHP Fellow for Engineering for Remote Operations in 2015. The BHP Fellowship...