Project TitleYearStudentExternal and Academic Co-MentorsExternal Organisations involvedUWA Schools involvedProject typeSector
Detecting Asset Cascading Failures2020Jaymin MoffattMichael Small, Melinda HodkiewiczAlcoa and CTMTDSUWA Maths & Stats and UWA MechMPEProcess Plant
Managing Streamed Sensor Data for
Mobile Equipment Prognostics
2020Toby GriffithsDebora Correa, Adriano PolpoRoy Hill and CTMTDSUWA Maths & Stats and UWA MechMPEMining
Performance of COTS-MEMS vibration measurement systems for machine condition monitoring2020Carlin LapuzBen Travaglione, Melinda HodkiewiczUWA MechanicalMPEIoT
Commercially Available Piezoelectric MEMS
Microphones and Their Beamforming
Performance in Microphone Array
2020Nicholas ButterlyBen Travaglione, Melinda HodkiewiczUWA EEMPEIoT
Interpreting Survival Models for Predictive
2020Paul CastleAdriano Polpo, Janet Ham, Melinda HodkiewiczWater CorporationUWA Maths & StatsMDSWater
A methodology for accelerated life testing of deep groove ball bearings through contamination failure2020Aseem MarooMelinda HodkiewiczUWA MechanicalMPEAccelerated Life Testing
The Security of Things: Comparing Lightweight Cryptography
Algorithms for use in Securing Internet of Things Devices
2019Sarah O'ConnorBen Travaglione, David Glance, Melinda HodkiewiczUWA CSSEMPEIoT
MEMS-Based Sensing System for Condition Monitoring of Industrial Equipment2019Luke WarnerBen Travaglione, Melinda HodkiewiczUWA EEMPEIoT
Making Machine Readable Sentences From Unstructured Maintenance Records2019Bryan TracWei Liu, Tim French, Melinda HodkiewiczUWA CSSEMPETechnical Language Processing
Wastewater Pump Station Asset
Performance Visualisation
2019Arush KalraMelinda Hodkiewicz, Vikesh Raikundalia, Des McEwanWater Corporation (Industry funded)UWA Maths & StatsCEED & MPEWater
Semi-automatic processing of unstructured short text in maintenance records2018Yiyang GaoWei Liu, Tim French, Melinda HodkiewiczUWA CSSEMPETechnical Language Processing
Wastewater Pump Station Failure Reliability Modelling2018Xi Yang LowMelinda Hodkiewicz
& Berwin Turlach
Water Corporation (Industry funded)UWA Maths & StatsCEED & MPEWater
Design of an Intrinsically Safe Wireless Sensing Unit for Condition Monitoring2018Viktor FidanovskiBen Travaglione, Melinda HodkiewiczUWA EEMPEIoT
UV degradation of SLS and injection moulded Nylon microstructural analysis2018Zach HeyesTim Sercombe, Melinda HodkiewiczUWA Mech.MPEAccelerated life testing
Mounting methods for MEMS sensors2018Heaton RhodesBen Travaglione, Melinda HodkiewiczUWA Mech.MPEIoT
IOT for scaffolding2018Ryan MaloneBen Travaglione, Melinda HodkiewiczUWA Mech.BPhil 2nd yearIoT
Predictive Geospatial Statistical Modelling of Sewer Fat and Tree Root Blockages2017Fabian D’AgnoneJoe Standring, Berwin Turlach, Melinda HodkiewiczUWA Maths & Statistics UWA MechCEED & Masters of Professional Engineering (MPE)Water
Statistical Modelling of Water Pipe Failure Clustering2017Ashleigh BallantyneDavid Burton, Michael Small Melinda HodkiewiczWater Corporation (Industry funded)UWA Maths & Statistics UWA MechCEED & Masters of Data ScienceWater
AM Plan for corporate desktop computers2017Stephanie LyeTim French Melinda HodkiewiczUWA CSSE & UWA ITMPEInfrastructure
Effect of UV on 3D printed vs conventional nylon2017Shrena ShahTim Sercombe, Adrian Keating Melinda HodkiewiczUWA Mech.MPEAccelerated Life testing
Simulation and Optimisation of Freight Preventative Maintenance Scheduling2017Deion BonserLyndon While, Mark Reynold, Melinda HodkiewiczUWA CSSEMPETransport
Optimising Maintenance Scheduling of Remote Assets2017Alastair ChinLyndon While, Mark Reynold, Melinda HodkiewiczUWA CSSEMPEMining
Measuring cell balance in series Lithium systems2017Max ChapmanMelinda HodkiewiczUWA Mech.BPhil 2nd yearSensors
Water Quality monitoring sensor kit for remote locations2016"Abdul Aziz, Eren Gungor, Thomas McKeon, Yi Qi Ye, Zhihong Yuan"Adrian Keating, Melinda HodkiewiczBHP BillitonUWA MechELEC5552 — EE Design ProjectSensor
Visualisation of geological data using head mounted VR technology2016Zhihua JiaTim French, Richard Durham, Jonathan Knipsel, Melinda Hodkiewicz"UWA CSSE, UWA CEME, Pawsey"MPEMining
Modelling Temperature Aging of Nitrile Rubber Rings With Step-Stress Accelerated Testing2016Levin LianAdrian Keating, Melinda HodkiewiczUWA Mech.MPETesting infrastructure
Identifying Degradation in Brushless Motors Through Performance Testing2016Kaiden McCarthyAdrian Keating, Melinda HodkiewiczUWA Mech.MPEDrones
Automated Data Contextualisation for Decision Support2016Tom McKeonTim French, Wei Li, Melinda Hodkiewicz uConfidential (Industry funded)UWA CSSEMPEMining
An Ontology Development Framework For the Manufacturing and Resources Industry2016Kaelen SinclairTim French, Wei Liu, Melinda HodkiewiczConfidential (Industry funded)"Confidential, UWA CSSE"Bachelor Comp Sci HonoursMining
Machine Learning Methods for Dynamic Dispatching in Supply Chains2016Abdul AzizTim French, Ed Cripps, Melinda HodkiewiczConfidential (Industry funded)"Confidential, UWA CSSE"MPEMining
"Application of Reflective Distance Sensors to Measurement in a Rotating, Translating Environment"2016Alex StephensAdrian Keating, Melinda HodkiewiczUWA Mech.MPESensor development
Mine Haulage and Maintenance Simulation and Optimization2016Zihao XuLyndon While, Melinda HodkiewiczUWA CSSEMPEMining
Accelerated Degradation Testing Facility2015"Abdul Aziz, Berney Bao, Thomas McKeon, Rohan Mehra, Nikola Petranovic, Xin Zheng Tan"Adrian Keating, Melinda HodkiewiczUWA Mech.ELEC5552 — EE Design ProjectTesting infrastructure
Setting Asset Performance Targets2015Daniel GreenSugandree Muruvan, Stijn Masschelein, Rob Schoenmaker, Melinda HodkiewiczWater Corporation (Industry funded)"UWA Business School, TU Delft"MPEWater
Measuring the effectiveness of social networks in the communication of engineering research2015Tom HendersonAdrian Keating, Melinda HodkiewiczUWA Mech.MPECommunication
Characterising the Performance of LED Reflective Distance Sensors2015Sahil KhubchandaniAdrian Keating, Melinda HodkiewiczUWA Mech.MPESensor development
The Effect of Operator Components on Heavy Mobile Equipment Reliability2015Tyler RadomiljacMelinda Hodkiewicz, Mark HoUWA Mech.MPEMining
The Impact of Driver-Related Components on the Reliability of Mining Excavators2015Zac BatsioudisMelinda Hodkiewicz, Mark HoUWA Mech.MPEMining
Active Magnetic Bearings – A rotordynamic and reliability analysis2015Hannah DownieAndrew Lee Steere & Adrian Keating, Melinda HodkiewiczWoodside (Industry funded)UWA Mech.CEED & MPEOil and Gas
Predicting Pump Failure using Joint Models with Longitudinal and Time-to-event Data2015Anthony EbertEd Cripps, Melinda Hodkiewicz"UWA Statistics, UWA Mech."Honours in StatisticsWater
A Risk Prioritisation Tool for Cultural and Arts Infrastructure2015Andrew PhamDerren Foster & Christine Soo , Melinda HodkiewiczDept. Culture & the Arts (Industry funded)"UWA Business School, UWA Mech."CEED & MPEInfrastructure
Performance testing of DC Electric Motors2015Alex CleggAdrian Keating, Melinda HodkiewiczUWA Mech.MPEDrones
The Design and Construction of a Low Cost Accelerated Aging Facility2015Michael BartleAdrian Keating, Melinda HodkiewiczUWA Mech.MPETesting infrastructure
Tool Tracking Project2015Natasha Terpu and William WongAdrian Keating, Melinda HodkiewiczUWA Mech.BPhil 2nd yearTesting infrastructure
Web-hosted data quality tool for .csv files2015"Michael Wise, Alastair Chin et al"Tim French, Adrian Keating, Melinda Hodkiewicz"UWA CSSE, UWA Mech"CITS3200 Design ProjectInfrastructure
Energy harvesting using Transformer B-Field2015Michael LanAdrian Keating, Melinda HodkiewiczUWA Mech.BPhil 2nd yearSensor development