Farewell to our Zhejiang visitors

We said farewell to Hailin Luo, Cheng Luo, Wanlin Chen and Zhexu Ni on Saturday 22nd August. They returned to Zhejiang University to complete their BEng(EE) studies. They were with us for 3 weeks. Hailin developed a Labview controller for Alex Clegg’s motor test rig and Cheng, Wanlin and Zhexu designed printed circuit boards for the run-to-failure test truck. Great job done by all including our students who looked after them.

Michael's First Post

The Accelerated Life Test Rig project has been super-charged with the arrival of a team from Electrical Engineering to assist with the power supply and electronics. Things are now powering ahead

Alex's First Post

Hailin Luo
Hailin Luo

Hailin has joined the electric motor dynamometer project on a three week exchange from Zheijang university. His wealth of knowledge in the programming area has proved very beneficial for the project. Using the Labview software he has been programming the individual components of the testing rig.