Tool Tracking Project

Construction organisations are constantly researching to develop methods for tracking tools and consumables. To maximize profits and efficiency, tool intensive companies and projects are looking for cost-effective methods to improve the companies’ management system.

An effective tool tracking and management system can save commercial companies thousands of dollars. In fact, it is estimated every year, over 1 billion dollars’ worth of construction equipment is stolen. Whether one considers fixed assets, consumables, or tools, every contractor has valuable and expensive equipment that is shared amongst employees and assigned to different job sites. Strict adherence to a tool inspection and calibration schedules is mandatory and regulated by agencies for many organisations around the world.

This project investigates tool management and tracking systems. This project is split into two sections:
1. Tracking system which involves tools managed by tagging electronically. Examples involve management software, usually electronic article surveillance.
2. System which involves exploring different methods for tracking, specifically video monitoring. Investigate the system for a high level of human compliance through methods such as facial recognition or automatic image capture.

Natasha Terpu and William Wong are 2nd year BPhil students. Natasha studies engineering and finance while William studies engineering and mathematics.

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