Wireless Load Cells and Scaffolding

Scaffolding is a construction structure which is being, and has been, used extensively worldwide. Despite being such a commonly used structure, failures still occur leading to a multitude of potentially avoidable deaths and injuries each year. One of the major failure mechanisms of scaffolding is a result of overloading, of either the structural members or wall fixings. Load cell technology has the potential to detect when overloading is occurring and allows for operators to be alerted to the unsafe situation.

Previously, similar technology has been implemented and tested however using a wired setup. These tests yielded the desired safety improvements, however were limited by one primary factor, cost. With large improvements in wireless, battery and computing technologies, it is now possible to set up a similar testing system with wireless devices. This would significantly reduce costs by eliminating the need for most wiring, as well as the computing boards being much more cost efficient. The project aims to assess previous work done in the area, and design and test the feasibility of this wireless system, considering all factors which would be necessary for its implementation.