MEMS-IOT and the BlueBox

The availability of cheap of the shelf (COTS) microcontrollers, MEMS sensors and wireless connectivity is revolutionizing our ability to monitor physical assets. The SHL focuses on building prototype sensing systems for industry challenges, considering the integrity of the end-to-end sensing system, and educating industry professionals about how these systems work, where they might be used and what is required to build and maintain COTS solutions.

In 2017 we developed the BlueBox as an adaptable platform for MEMS-IOT sensing system projects. In its current configuration, we use a tri-axial MEMS accelerometer but the BlueBox is configurable to use other sensors. Dr Ben Travaglione and Alain Bartels have delivered  the “Disruptive potential of Smart Sensing Systems” as an invited presentation at Mainstream 2017 Perth and Melbourne, Deep Sensor – IoT in mining, oil & Gas 2017,  Defence workshops,  at in 2018 at the Field Service Management conference in Sydney and the ARC Industrial Transformation Research Centre for Offshore Structures in Perth.

In 2018 we worked on building an intrinsically safe BlueBox, making different configurations for alternate applications and quantifying the effect of mounting methods on the box’s transfer function.

In 2019 we are focusing on the security, updating the BlueBox and looking at battery-edge processing trade-offs.