Intrapreneur Projects

The UWA System Health Lab is a sandpit within the University to ideate, develop and test new tools to streamline existing internal business processes related to running a Lab. We work closely with UWA’s professional staff to action these.

Development work is either done by the UWA research engineers (who are students) or contracted to companies run by our engineers (for example ThinkHub.IO and Hoo).

Projects currently in development or at the design stage include

  • A dedicated WiFi network for IoT devices on campus
  • A cloud-based system for managing lab safety inductions and access
  • A cloud-based system for submission and approval of casual timecards
  • A GIT site and processes to ensure code and file backups
  • A system for locating parts and tools in the lab
  • Set up a system of systems (use off the shelf product) to enable efficient onboarding of new staff, and quick access to other systems used by lab personnel.