Getting Started with the BlueBox

Getting Started

This guide is intended to get new members of the lab up and running with the BlueBox from scratch.


The first step is to ensure you have a GitHub account setup and then request access to the SHL project page and BlueBox repository. Requests for access can be made to: SOME ADMIN ACCOUNT?.

Windows Subsystem for Linux:

For everyone not already a Linux distro, it is recommended to install the Windows Subsystem for Linux. See this page for details.

Install Anaconda

Go to the Anaconda Website, and download and install the relevant version.

Launch the Jupyter Notebook.

Clone Repository:

Once the previous two steps have been completed you can clone the BlueBox repository into Linux. For details on using Git see this page. For the BlueBox repository you should be doing something like:

git clone

Repository Structure:

The structure of the repository should now be fairly straightforward. For anything relating the physical structure of the BlueBox look in bluebox, for the Arduino code running on the wifi device look in esp8266_code, for more in-depth guides refer to the Notebooks directory.

Run a Notebook:

The easiest way to get started is to actually try and run the “Getting Started” notebook within the repository.